Bare Again

Picosure advanced laser technology, now with dual wavelength 532 and 755 nm handpieces.

Bare Again was the first to bring  the Picosure picosecond laser  to Adelaide. Picosure represents a quantum leap forward in laser tattoo removal technology. Bare Again now goes one step further with the newly released 532 nm handpiece . This remarkable multiple wavelength laser now  covers the entire colour spectrum with picosecond technology, resulting in more rapid removal of all tattoo types and shades. Quite simply Adelaide's best laser tattoo removal.

We also specialise in tattoos that have failed to be removed by Q-switched and other lasers. Whether you desire complete removal or simply fading to allow new art to be done, choosing Picosure ensures;

  • Better results
  • Fewer treatments
  • Less pain
  • Lower overall costs

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